Bunco. Bunco? Bunco! with Dawn Rouiller and Her Gal Pals

I feel like I should take a poll: How many readers know what Bunco is? (Leave a comment if you’ve heard of it or, better yet, have actually played it!)

Hobby Dabbler
Hobby Dabbler
Bunco. Bunco? Bunco! with Dawn Rouiller and Her Gal Pals

I hadn’t even considered the category of “social hobbies” when I was making Hobby Dabbler but I’m totally convinced that if the main reason of doing a hobby is to socialize, then it ought to get some kind of credit. Instead of an actual tag, like how I normally bin the hobbies I try, I’m going to create a “social hobby” category for these types of things – similar to how I made a “parent-child” category which could apply to various hobbies.

I will say, this episode was 6 months in the making. It was one of my first actual hobby dabbles but the most complicated and time-intensive episode to put together – and for the shortest recording so far! The good news with taking so long to get through this episode is that I’ve already learned so much from editing other episodes that I was able to do this one justice (I hope) with demonstrating how much fun I had because I took a chance and said “yes.” Enjoy!

Speaker 1 00:00:29 And right now I’m thinking, what did I get myself into?
Speaker 1 00:00:39 Welcome to hockey. Dabbler, the show dedicated to exploring hobbies for people who want to make your free time more valuable. I’m your host, Vanessa Cress. And today’s episode is a narrative take on a social hobby. I got to dabble in recently. It was a Tuesday night when I got Dan’s texts. I’m hosting our Bunco this Thursday evening. “Would you be interested in subbing?” And I’m thinking, “what is, bunko a card game?” It sounds like something old ladies might do after drinking tea with crochet, doily coasters and while gossiping about their grandchildren. “I’m going to pass on Bunco, but I appreciate the thought.” And then I kicked myself. What happened to the Vanessa that wanted to try all kinds of things? I texted right back. “I’m not interested in playing, but it might make for a quick episode of hobby dabbler. Can I observe and ask questions?” I still didn’t know what Bunko was. She texted back. “Yes. And wear tie-dye.” The day of the shindig, I decided to look up Bunco, but only in images because I don’t want to learn too much without my friend shown me, turns out to be a dice game. Okay. So now I’m intrigued because who doesn’t like rolling dice, that alone is such a gratifying action.
Speaker 1 00:02:06 I arrived a little early so that I could help greet the ladies and explain what I’m doing there. As we mingled, I was happy to realize that I knew about half of them from other fun excursions I’ve done with Dawn and her gals: making glass mosaics, drag queen brunch, blowing glass ornaments, having a drink at the last legal basement bar in Maryland.
Speaker 1 00:02:31 There were three tables covered in tie-dye tablecloths set up between the living room and dining room. Each one with four place settings, everyone got a scorecard, hippie sunglasses and a flowered crown. And the kitchen was an assortment of snacks and an ice chest. First, everyone drew tables. I didn’t quite understand how you partnered, but Dawn explained it to me
Speaker 2 00:02:54 And we should take turns. My goal as a team is to get to the score of one. If you get a bunko, which is, but we’re playing, that’s a baby bunco. So you can get fired up by that. But otherwise, like there, I would get one point and we keep, I would keep rolling until I get, until I run out of ones or don’t get one. And then it goes to the next player.
Speaker 1 00:03:27 Okay. For the listeners who don’t know me, well, at least not yet. You’ll soon discover that I enjoy getting into whatever I’m doing and having fun with it and get excited along with the other ladies. When someone got Bunco, even when someone got a baby Bunco, but especially when they got twins, that’s what they call it. When you roll two baby bunkers in a row,
Speaker 3 00:03:49 Is it a boy or a girl?
Speaker 1 00:03:54 The thing that struck me was that there was a winners table and a losers table, and it was constantly changing. Maybe it was just me, but I felt entitled to some degree of respect and privilege at the winners table. And I wasn’t even playing. And when I’d situate myself at the lower table for around, I felt like we got to be rowdy because it didn’t matter as much what we did.
Speaker 3 00:04:16 And does it lower your confidence being at this table, talking about this for a second,
Speaker 1 00:04:24 The game goes on until a pair at the lead table wins. That’s when both tables stop and the winners and losers sort themselves out by moving to the appropriate table or moving seats.
Speaker 3 00:04:39 You’re obviously the youngest person here, right? How old are you at 21,
Speaker 1 00:04:46 The youngest player, there was 21 and we won’t get into the religious of the eldest members, but suffice it to say that there were multiple grandmothers.
Speaker 3 00:04:56 No, I am. I forgot to tell you, I’m 73 for my age,
Speaker 1 00:05:06 No matter your age, though, as long as you can count to 21, you could play this game and win or lose. The whole vibe is encouraging.
Speaker 3 00:05:15 Well,
Speaker 1 00:05:29 Yeah, based on this evening, I decided that social hobbies is a legit category of hobbying. Am I going to have to be,
Speaker 3 00:05:37 I haven’t been part of this. It’s like, look up what’s the next book?
Speaker 1 00:05:53 The same ladies have a book club. So it looks like I’ll have another hobby doubtable to lineup soon.
Speaker 1 00:06:05 The game ends when all the rounds have been gone through for the standard score, keeping sheet on the score sheet, you’ll track your wins losses and number of Broncos. At that point, everyone gathers for the prizes include most wins. Most Buncos, last Bunco, most losses on this particular night, someone won both most buncos and most wins. She came away with 140 bucks.
Speaker 1 00:06:35 The evening ended withdrawing for the next year of Bunco for the regular members who has, which month a regular Bunco group has 12 regular members, one for each month. It’s a big deal to go from being a sub to a regular member. It’s like a sense of accomplishment or acceptance. For now. I’ll happily fill in when subs are needed and just hope that I’ll be considered for regular membership when the opportunity arises.
Speaker 1 00:07:12 Thank you for listening to this episode of Hobby Dabbler. I hope you’re inspired to dabble in a retro game like Bunco, or even just say yes, next time you’re invited to a social hobby that you know nothing about. Don’t forget to subscribe, leave a note in the comments and tell us what you think or drop me a line at vanessa@hobbydabbler.com. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at hobbydabbler_official and facebook.com/hobbydabbler, where we post more hobby fodder throughout the week. Sign up to join our email list at our website: hobbydabbler.com to get notified when a new show drops in for insider news. Today’s episode is brought to you by Cress Consulting. From online hosting to complete website design crest consulting is your one-stop shop for your digital presence. Can you cheat at Bunco? If your name is Mary and you announce a new rule with enough confidence, you can get away with anything. “We won! I just made that up.”

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