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About Hobby Dabbler

Exploring hobbies

Hobby Dabbler is the collective brainchild of wife and husband team, Vanessa and Paul Cress. Together, they encourage people to learn new ways to enrich their lives by exploring hobbies to make their free time more valuable.

How we do it

At Hobby Dabbler, we take a mixed-media approach. On our website, you can expect to find podcast interviews, blog articles, videos, photos, and encouragement. Vanessa and Paul may dabble in hobbies on their own, travel to the hobbyist, or some hybrid of interactions. Whatever the format, we want you to come away inspired to try something new!

Our Story

Vanessa and Paul met in 2005 and quickly formed a friendship around their mutual passion for photography. Taking trips to Washington D.C and New York to enjoy street photography turned into shooting weddings together and running their individual photography studios. Years passed and they began having other adventures together - bike rides, road trips, business idea discussions, and woodworking projects, to name a few. Their interests overlapped one after another and, eventually (15 years), included being interested in each other! Now happily married, the couple enjoys being artsy and active together and consider themselves the ultimate crafty duo.

While Paul tends to dive deep into his hobbies, Vanessa would find herself trying new hobbies nonstop. At first, she was discouraged by her lack of stick-to-itness but then she turned her sampling of hobbies into a hobby in and of itself.

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